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At WindRiver Advisors we believe that an active approach to portfolio management adds significant value to client portfolios. For our Strategies Approach we create strategies or search for seasoned professionals who have expertise and the capability of managing mutual funds within a "circle of competence." These strategies or mutual funds are invested in a custom mix of securities and provide exceptional performance potential. The strategies typically have low correlations between one another and to the equity and fixed income markets. When two or more strategies are combined, the high level of performance is maintained at lower levels of overall volatility.

In an unique agreement with FolioFn we can purchase these personalized strategies (FolioFn refers to them as "Folios"), or baskets of securities in a single transaction. Owning a Strategy is much like having your own mutual fund. Strategies provide personalization, commission-free trading, transparency and automatic stock exclusions. Any changes to a Strategy are executed across all accounts that hold that Strategy so you get the same high level of service whether you have a $50,000 account or a $20 million account.

Our Strategies fall into three categories:

These Strategies can be purchased in a customized mix of your choosing or through one of our designed Asset Allocation Portfolios. Each Asset Allocation Portfolio normally invests in 6-10 Strategies.

Open an account today by:

  1. Returning this completed Application
  2. Completing, signing and returning pages 1-2 of the FolioFn Customer Agreement
  3. Reviewing the WindRiver Advisors Agreement and the Form ADV Part II

Transfer an account or include an initial deposit with the application (check payable to FolioFn Investments, Inc.) or send deposit directly to FolioFn once the account is open and we have notified you of the account number.

Other investment philosophies are:

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